The Callan Method

The Callan Method is a fast, practical speaking-based method of teaching English. It is mainly based around the teacher asking the pupils questions. Everyone in the class gets a chance to speak and if anyone makes a mistake while they are speaking, the teacher corrects them immediately.

The Callan Method makes students as involved as possible in the learning process. The Method is divided into 12 stages, in 7 books, which the students can buy with all the key words translated into their own language. The structure of the Method means that students increase their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary step by step.

The first hour follows the following structure:

1. The teacher asks questions to the students in a ‘quick-fire’ fashion. The answers are provided by the teacher and the students imitate his pronunciation and accent. All mistakes are corrected immediately.

2. After this, the students read from the book themselves and continue the question and answer format among one another. This part of the lesson takes around ten to fifteen minutes.

3. After the reading, the teacher gives a dictation, which practices both listening and writing abilities. The teacher reads dictations at a speed that gives the student an understanding of writing in a foreign language under exam-like conditions. The students can then check their dictation in their books afterwards.

4. After the dictation, the lesson finishes with a few more questions asked to the students by the teacher in ‘quick-fire’ fashion, before the lesson finishes for a ten-minute break.

In the second hour, the teacher introduces new work to the class, again getting the students to repeat his accent and pronunciation, and then checking their understanding through questions and answers.

By the time students have completed all twelve stages of the Method, they will have mastered the 5621 most common words of the English language. The student will now be prepared for the Cambridge First Certificate (F.C.E.) exam. Because the Callan Method is comprehensive, students who use it do not need to buy any other books.

Callan Method