Life in The UK

Life in the UK Test

To satisfy British Home Office requirements there are TWO ways you can demonstrate a ’Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK’.

1. You must pass the computer based ’Life in the UK Test’ if you are an English speaker


2. You must pass a Speaking & Listening ESOL course which contains citizenship materials known as ESOL with Citizenship

ESOL with Citizenship

This is an English Language course which contains citizenship materials and you have to improve your English and conduct a Speaking and Listening test to obtain your certificate.

The Home Office only requires an ESOL Speaking and Listening certificate from one of the approved awarding bodies along with a college letter confirming your attendance and completion of citizenship materials, which means that there is no reading and writing involved.

This is beneficial for someone who is coming from overseas to stay with their spouse or partners and have no knowledge of English or someone who has had no formal education at all.

If you would like to do the test with us then the first step is to call us and book a free initial assessment. The assessment will indicate what level your English language is at and an idea on how long it will take for you to be ready to sit the test.