English School London

English School London

The Englishouse schools are located in Fulham and Wimbledon, London. They are both fantastic locations in pleasant parts of South West London. The Fulham school is close to a variety of shops, cinemas, bars and cafés plus beautiful parks, and right next to Putney Bridge Underground Station. The Wimbledon school is five minutes from Wimbledon Station, close to Wimbledon Common, and within easy reach of more bars, cafés and other shops.

The most famous of London’s museums are just six stops away on the District Line at South Kensington. These include the Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum, which are all free! Just down the road from these is the world-famous department store, Harrods, with its excellent food and shopping.

The Best English Language School London?

Are you planning to take an English language course abroad? Then you need to find the best English language school London. But how will you find the best English language school London with a host of such educational institutions in the region? That is where your research becomes so important. True that there are dozens of English language schools in London, but all of these institutions are not created alike. Your extensive research is essential to select the best learning institute in the area. Here are important tips to consider when choosing the best English language school in London.

London has a variety of language schools with different strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the United Kingdom is the home of the English language. They have centuries of experience in teaching the language to any international student like no other place in the world. Hence, it won’t be difficult to find a reputable language school in London with the right amount of research on your part. If you are considering a particular school in London, how will you know that it is the best fit for your requirements? That is where accreditation comes in handy. In fact, the best language schools in London are regularly inspected by the accrediting bodies. Such an organisation will inspect the school for the quality of their teaching, administration, student care, and management. Hence, you have nothing to worry when you select a language school that is accredited by a reputed organisation in the United Kingdom.

Each school will mention on their website the name of the organisation that accredited them. You can do a quick Google search to check what the accreditation stands for and what their accreditation means. You should also look at the organisation which the potential language school belongs to. In fact, it is a good indication of the quality of the school. These are important factors that you need to consider when searching for the best English language school in London.

Englishouse – http://www.englishouse.co.uk – is one of the best private schools in London that teaches English as a foreign language. The courses are conducted by native English speakers from the United Kingdom. It is a Callan-accredited school that uses the Callan method – which is four times faster than any other English teaching method out there. In fact, the Callan method focuses on improving the speaking, writing, oral fluency, reading, and pronunciation skills of the student. Englishouse operates small classes with an average of eight students per class. This is important to give all the students time to participate in the learning process. The school conducts interactive sessions where the students get a chance of practising what they learn.

Each student is interviewed before the course in order to determine their level of fluency. The student can choose a timetable to suit his/her needs. The organisation conducts classes in Fulham and Wimbledon in Central London. Contact Englishouse today for all your English language requirements in London in the United Kingdom.